Whose Chair Is It, Anyway?

5 - 20 August 2016

Opening 5 August, 6:30PM

"The chair has been a muse and a motif that I have been engaging with ever since my academic life. As an object it has fascinated me, Owing to the many connotations its representation can generate. Through the 'world of chairs' I create, I want to engage the viewers in its multiple contexts where they have different political and social significance. I like my works to speak for the times I live in and reflect the history in making."
Mansoor Ali | Reciplent of CIMA Award 2015

Dates: 05 August - 20 August, 2016
Venue: CIMA Gallery, Kolkata
Opening: 5 August, 6:30PM

For Enquiries: 
Animesh Dey - cimagallery@dataone.in